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Wedding Ring Exchange

There is no legal requirement for a wedding ring exchange during a marriage ceremony. However, “The Ring” has been a token of commitment between couples for many centuries and the current ring exchange has become a custom during a wedding ceremony. It is said the wedding ring is worn on the third finger, because of an ancient Greek belief that the heart and ring fingers were blessed with a special connection via the vein that ran between the two. The heart signifying love and the finger signifying the commitment of the ring….because of this nerve, the newly betrothed places the ring on this third finger of his spouse as though it were a representation of the heart. These rings mark the beginning of a long journey together and speak of the love that they have for each other.

The symbol of the circle is never-ending. The exchange of rings echo’s a symbol of unbroken unity, everlasting devotion and encircling love between two people. Couples choose the wedding ring exchange as an outward symbol to each other and to the world of their ‘love gift’ they wear with honour and joy as a sign they are committed to their union.

It is very common for both the parties to exchange rings, however sometimes one of the spouses prefers not to wear a wedding ring. The reasons are varied, but mostly because of a work situation where a wedding ring could potentially catch on something and cause great damage to the finger or the ring.

Traditionally the order of rings, is the wedding ring is worn underneath the engagement ring. I have a very pretty little ceremony for the placement of the engagement ring during the wedding ceremony. After the wedding ring exchange, the engagement is placed back on the third finger of the left hand. The engagement ring is a symbol of your promise and intent. The wedding ceremony is that promise and intention has been fulfilled and the engagement ring then becomes a symbol of the power of love, which will ever protect and sustain your marriage.

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